Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This international health campaign is now in its fourth decade. Its purpose is to raise awareness of breast cancer and to increase funding to prevent, diagnose, treat and cure breast cancer – a disease that afflicts over 270,000 women every year in the U.S. alone. In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Atossa is providing important health information so that you can increase your awareness of this deadly disease.

November 02,2019

Dr. Quay shares the exciting breast cancer research projects being conducted by the world-renowned breast surgeon, Dr. Susan Love, here.

November 01,2019

Dr. Quay wants all new mothers to know breast feeding prevents future breast cancer. He checks in with MD Anderson doctors to get the facts here.

October 31,2019

Dr. Quay finds the cancer prevention approach of Dr. Sophia Lunt, starving cancer cells, interesting. Listen to her TEDx talk here.

October 30,2019

The National Cancer Institute tells you how to prevent breast cancer at this informative website.

October 29,2019

Dr. Quay recommends this MD Anderson video for women with breast cancer considering taking dietary supplements. Click here to view.

October 25,2019

Dr. Quay checks in here with the Mayo Clinic to get their advice on how to prevent breast cancer.

October 24,2019

Dr. Oz gives you his take on how to prevent breast cancer in this can’t miss blog.

October 23,2019

Dr. Quay to provide blog on breast cancer and smoking. Click here

October 22,2019

Watch this Dr. Quay recommended video on cancer-fighting foods from the Mayo Clinic here

October 18,2019

Dr. Quay offers a Johns Hopkins approach to yoga for breast cancer survivors with this video.

October 17,2019

Dr. Quay provides the link between diabetes and aggressive breast cancer. The details are here

October 16,2019

Hear Dr. Quay’s TEDx talk, “How to be smart if you’re dense: Preventing breast cancer by 2030” here. Viewed over 200,000 times!

October 15,2019

Dr. Quay wants you to learn the “best kept secret” about breast cancer. Take control of your health by clicking here.

October 14,2019

Dr. Quay to provide a blog “Hah Men! You need mammograms too!

October 11,2019

Only one in five women know alcohol increases breast cancer risk. Dr. Quay gives you the facts to make smart lifestyle decisions.

October 10,2019

Dr. Quay to provide blog on first direct-to-consumer breast cancer genetic test.  Click here

October 09,2019

Dr. Quay recommends participation in clinic trials for all women newly diagnosed with breast cancer. The National Institutes of Health can help you find if one of the over 9,000 studies is right for you. Click here for more information.

October 08,2019

“I recently had a chance to talk to MomTrends about reducing your risk of breast cancer. Here’s what I said… ”

October 02,2019

Dr. Quay recommends you spend five minutes and learn your risk of breast cancer from the great folks at Bright Pink. Click here to get started!

October 02,2019

According to Dr. Quay, the breast self-exam is critical to your breast health and the fight against breast cancer: click here to learn how to perform this monthly test.

October 01,2019

Dr. Quay welcomes you to Breast Cancer Awareness month! Click here and to get help from the US FDA to identify a certified clinic near your home to get your mammogram.